Adrian Peterson is Right to be Confident he'll Win NFL MVP

By Andrew Fisher
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Adrian Peterson has made no bones about his chances of winning the NFL MVP award this year. He flat out thinks he is going to win, and who could blame him after rushing for 2,097 yards and 12 touchdowns in 2012.

Peterson put on one of the best single-season performances that we’ve ever seen this past year. You can throw the ACL surgery out the window, because that’s not a factor in MVP voting. It will definitely earn him consideration for comeback player of the year, but it’s just not a factor to be looked at for MVP, no matter how spectacular a recovery it was.

If you just look at what Peterson did on the field, it’s no question a case of a player putting a team on his back. Peterson averaged a career-high six yards per carry, which is just simply amazing.

He also broke many big plays, and in the process, broke games wide open with 27 runs of 20-plus yards. The next closest? C.J. Spiller with 12. In addition, he won the rushing title by nearly 500 yards, while finishing with the second most yards in league history. But, he did it in 31 fewer attempts than when Eric Dickerson set the record (2,105) in 1984.

AP is the most valuable player because he meant the most to his team in 2012. If Peterson wasn’t on the Minnesota Vikings, they’d have been a last place team, and certainly no where near the playoffs.

The voting results will be revealed this Saturday, and we’ll find out if Peterson was right to be so confident all along. I’m confident that the voters will get this one right and that Peterson will indeed win his first career MVP award.


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