Carolina Panthers Want Help From State for Stadium Renovations

By Kase Brammer
Bank of America Stadium
Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

It’s not always easy to ask for help, but sometimes it’s necessary. Earlier this week, the Carolina Panthers owner Jerry Richardson and team president Danny Morrison had a meeting with Governor Pat McCrory and House Speaker Thom Tillis to see what they could do to help the team renovate Bank of America Stadium.

McCrory was the Mayer of Charlotte, where the stadium is located, for 14 years before he turned the volume up on his political career, so help could come, but it won’t be so easy.

Tillis says he is treating the team like a big business because it creates 4,400 direct jobs and more and about 1,500 indirect jobs. They don’t want to move the team out of Carolina and Tillis says that’s a real concern. He also went on to say that other business were thinking of moving out of the state. This is not good news for the State of North Carolina.

Some Panthers fans are saying they will do whatever is needed to help the team stay. They say it helps the profile of the city and they have become a big part of it. Others, are not so keen to the idea of taxpayers dollars going to a professional sports team.

It’s not that surprising that people don’t want to fork over that extra percent when it comes to taxes to help pay for the stadium. This happens all the time in other major cities around the United States, but if the Panthers have truly passionate fans they will save their team and help pay for the renovations.

If not, maybe they just never had the fan base to get them going in the right direction. All I know is Cam Newton would be a terrible thing to waste if they shipped him off with the rest of the team.

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