Detroit Lions Unfairly Ripped by General Motors

By Chris Katje
Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

While unveiling a new investment in the city of Kansas City, General Motors CEO decided to make fun of the Detroit Lions. A new $600 million investment was announced by CEO Dan Akerson. The leader of the car company reminded Kansas City Chiefs fans that their 2012 2-14 season could have been worse.

“I can feel the excitement in the air: Only eight more weeks until the NFL draft. I hope you don’t feel too bad about the Chiefs’ recent performance. It’s not like you’re Lions fans,” Akerson said. So, not that bad of a comment, right? Akerson wasn’t done. “The Detroit Lions have never been to a Super Bowl and the last time they won an NFL Championship GM was building the Pontiac Catalina here and Elvis was topping the charts.”

Of course, Akerson is referring to the Lions being one of a few teams to never go to the Super Bowl. The Lions are the oldest team to never appear in the game. The likely reason for the comments from GM’s top man are from the GM/Ford rivalry. Ford, of course, has huge ties to the Lions with the naming rights to the stadium and descendants of Henry Ford owning the team.

Really a $600 million investment and hundreds of jobs wasn’t enough to get people in Kansas City excited. General Motors has always had a tie to the city of Detroit and is now making fun of the city where it called home for so long. This is the same General Motors that needed a government bailout to save its company. Classy move, General Motors.

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