Hiring Rob Chudzinski Means Josh Cribbs Should Remain A Cleveland Brown

By Ben Grimaldi
Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

When the Cleveland Browns hired Rob Chudzinski to be their head coach, a few things went through my mind. One was that it was about time someone gave ‘Chud’ the opportunity to be a head coach and the other was that this could be just the coach to resurrect Josh Cribbs’ career.

I know it seems strange because the Browns have other pieces to work with on offense, like Trent Richardson and Josh Gordon, but the possibilities of how Cribbs can be used by Chudzinski really interest me. First and foremost, Cribbs is currently a free agent but there may be no better place for Cribbs to be than in Cleveland. Chudzinski was the offensive coordinator for the Browns in the 2007 and 2008 seasons, so the relationship is already in place.

Chudzinski has is a very creative offensive mind who helped work miracles in Cleveland before with Derek Anderson and he’s also set up a successful offense around a rookie quarterback who ran more than he threw in Cam Newton. None of this is to say that Cribbs is Cam Newton or that Cribbs has that kind of ability but he does still have the athleticism to be successful in the NFL. And it might just take Chudzinski to be the man to get the most out of him.

The NFL is becoming a specialists league and Cribbs can have a valuable roles in many areas for the Browns. Everyone knows how good of a return man he is, but he can also line up as a running back, a receiver or even as the quarterback. All of these multiple formations are things that can help fool a defense and create big plays, which the Browns are in desperate need of.

Josh Cribbs is a forgotten man in Cleveland, but the man who can find him has just shown up: Rob Chudzinski.

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