Is Colin Kaepernick Considered an Elite Quarterback Already?

By Josiah Turner
Colin Kaepernick San Francisco 49ers
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With the Super Bowl approaching, San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick gets set to play in the biggest game of his career. Well, of course it would be his biggest game because he’s only started nine games in his short-lived NFL employment.

During his stint as a starter, Kaepernick has shown that he has the skill set to be one of the best quarterbacks in today’s game. It may be a bit premature to give him the ole mighty title of “elite,” but it’s definitely debatable whether it fits him or not. I know that “elite” word gets thrown around a lot these days when referring to NFL QB’s, but I’m one person who’s a fan of how the word has been used.

Elite is defined as follows:

-A group of people considered to be the best in a particular society or category, especially because of their power, talent or wealth.

If you break down the definition of elite, as it pertains to the NFL, it’s the perfect description of a great quarterback. Let’s analyze how it relates to Kaepernick.

“Especially because of their power.” At six-foot-four and 230 pounds, Kaepernick is maybe one of the most powerful, forceful, ‘gladiator like’ figures to play the position. “Because of their talent.” He has a rare talent to have the ability to be as efficient in running the ball as he is in throwing the ball. Not too many quarterbacks can do that. “Because of their wealth.” We all know the type of money athletes earn nowadays, so we don’t even have to go into depth about how wealth would be incorporated here.

So if looking at it in that sense, Kaepernick is a for-sure elite NFL player. As we all know, Jim Harbaugh made the risky decision to start Kaepernick over Alex Smith after Smith led the 49ers to the NFC championship a year ago. Maybe it’s safe to say Harbaugh knew what he was doing.

I expect this newly found elite QB to have an efficient game Sunday in the Super Bowl. Many times the 49ers have been dependent upon having a manager at QB and their running game to win, but things have changed in San Fran. Kaepernick has been responsible for both of the victories the 49ers won to get to this point. In his two postseason games he has completed 33 of 52 passes for 496 yards, three passing touchdowns, and one interception. He has also run for 202 yards and two touchdowns, not “game manager” type statistics.

The 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens will be one of the most anticipated Super Bowls in quite some time. The football field will be flooded with pro bowl caliber players and a few future Hall of Famers in Ray Lewis, Randy Moss and Ed Reed. Most importantly, this game will have two quarterbacks, Colin Kaepernick and Joe Flacco, on center stage fighting to be considered elite. In my opinion, Kaepernick has already solidified his status.


Josiah Turner




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