Is John Harbaugh's Super Bowl XXXIX Experience with Philadelphia Eagles Advantageous?

By Joe Doris
Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Due to John Harbaugh‘s incredibly successful run as the head coach of the Baltimore Ravens over the past five NFL seasons, many have forgotten about his lengthy 10-year stint with the Philadelphia Eagles primarily under former Bird’s head coach Andy Reid.

As Harbaugh prepares for this Sunday’s Super Bowl XLVII against his younger brother, head coach Jim Harbaugh, and the highly explosive San Francisco 49ershis extended professional coaching experience could surely be in his favor.

While both coaches have proved themselves to be extraordinary NFL front-men in a very short amount of time, John may have a slight advantage when it comes to “the big game.”

When the Eagles faced off against the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XXXIX following the 2004 season, John was finishing up his seventh season as the Eagles’ special teams coordinator.

The Patriots ended up beating the Eagles for the championship title with a score of 24-21, but considering John contributed to the game-plan and dealt with the circus that is the Super Bowl, I believe that he has a great advantage over Jim when it comes to this weekend’s game.

Of course, acting as a head coach is much different than manning the role of special teams coordinator, but a lot of the nervousness and anxiety about the Super Bowl dissipates once it is experienced for the first time. Because the way I see it, most of the substance surrounding ‘Super Bowl jitters’ comes from the fear of the unknown.

Obviously, all coaches and players are going to still feel some of the pressure and hype of the championship stage, no matter how many times they have been there.

But when kickoff takes place this Sunday in the highly anticipated Super Bowl XLVII, I look for John and the Ravens to have the edge over Jim and the 49ers in this battle of brotherly love.


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