Minnesota Vikings Should Not Pursue WR Donald Driver

By Andrew Fisher
Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

The latest NFL Rumors have the Minnesota Vikings interested in veteran wide receiver Donald Driver. When I say veteran, I mean it, Driver is set to be 38-years old heading into next season. So what to make of this possible off-season signing?

I just don’t like it, nor understand it. I’ve been under the impression that GM Rick Spielman was going to rebuild the Vikings with talented youth, not declining talents in their final years of play. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got a tremendous amount of respect for Driver and his career, but he just simply doesn’t fit the bill for Minnesota.

Hopefully, this is just merely a rumor with no substance to it, but if there is some legitimacy to it, what is Spielman thinking? Does he think Driver has more left in the tank than everyone else thinks he does? Sure, every team needs veteran leaders, and Driver would no doubt provide that, but Minnesota already has Michael Jenkins under contract for the 2013 season.

So unless the Vikings are planning to drop Jenkins, who already knows the system, I don’t see where Driver fits in.

I wouldn’t be that upset if he was inked to a one-year deal, because there’s still a good chance he’d outperform nearly all of Minnesota’s receivers from last year, but I just think there are many other options the Vikings should explore. Why sign a 38-year old when you can get someone in their mid-twenties that can produce the same?


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