Minnesota Vikings: Still No Contract Extension in Place for Leslie Frazier

By Andrew Fisher
Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

What a difference a year makes. Last January, many were uncertain if Leslie Frazier was the right man to coach the Minnesota Vikings. Now, a year later, many are wondering why he hasn’t received a contract extension.

There’s been little news regarding Frazier’s contract, and most expected something to be in place by now, given that rumors of an extension have been swirling for a couple of months. GM Rick Spielman did make this comment regarding the head coach’s potential new deal:

“I’ve had talks with ownership and again until we…when there’s something to be announced, we’ll announce it, but I’ll keep that all internal. I know everybody recognizes what Leslie Frazier has done as a football coach here in Minnesota.”

While some will take this as a sign that the Vikings aren’t ready to commit to Frazier long term, I don’t think that’s the case. It’s not like this is the team’s first priority of the off-season, and really, we’re only a few weeks removed from the end of the 2012-13 season.

Frazier himself has stated that he’s not worried about a new contract and that he’s just focused on the team. Of course that’s what he is going to say, not because it’s the right thing to say, but because that’s probably how he really feels. I just don’t see him as a guy who’s going to stomp his feet if he doesn’t get a contract extension by certain date. There’s plenty of time to go in the off-season.

As for the question of Frazier being the right man for the job in Minnesota, I think that he’s at least earned two or three more years. Players rave about the stability he brings to the locker room and I don’t think there’s any doubt that most of his players have bought into what he’s selling. To me, Frazier sells a no-nonsense brand of football where actions speak louder than words.

Fans shouldn’t worry if the Vikings will offer a Frazier a new contract. It’s really only a matter of when.


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