New York Giants 2012 In Review: Jason Pierre-Paul

By jason evans
Ed Szczepanski-US PRESSWIRE

I’m going to continue our New York Giants year in review by talking about another defensive lineman, JPP. Jason Pierre-Paul emerged as a lineman who could just wreck the opposing offense’s gameplan. JPP had 86 tackles and 16.5 sacks during the 2011 season. His game against the Dallas Cowboys in a key victory down the stretch of that season, will live on in Giants history. 16 tackles, a safety and blocking a late second field goal to help the Giants hang on for the win. Because of this breakout year, offenses focused on him more, which brought down his totals a bit. Let’s take a look back.

2012 stats: 66 tackles, 6.5 sacks

2012 Game of The Year: His game in Dallas this year was his best. Four tackles, a sack and his first career interception that he ran back for a touchdown, which was also the first in his career.

Where 2012 went wrong: Here are some splits for you. In the first half, 32 tackles and five sacks. In the second half, 34 tackles and one sack. In fact, Pierre-Paul didn’t record a sack after the team’s ninth game.

2013 Outlook: Pierre-Paul is going to look to rebound in 2013. Whether bringing in Michael Strahan to help him learn how to fight off double-teams, JPP is going to have to learn how to combat that. They need him to be more like the 2011 version than the 2012 version. Especially if the team loses Osi Umenyiora as a free agent and Justin Tuck isn’t the player he used to be, JPP’s production is going to be essential. He also needs it because his contract will be ending soon, and elite pass rushers get paid big bucks.

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