NFL Executive Of The Year Goes To One Who Lost Peyton Manning Over One Who Brought Him In

By Mark Stringer
Brian Spurlock – US Presswire

When executives are dealing with the rights to QB Peyton Manning you would think that the executive who brought Manning to his team would be the front runner for executive of the year, but if you find a way to win after losing a guy like Manning then you should also be a favorite to win the award.

That is exactly what happened with Denver Broncos vice president of operations John Elway and Indianapolis Colts general manager Ryan Grigson.

Elway lost by only one vote for NFL Executive of the Year, but Grigson may have very well been more deserving. Just think about it: It was a brilliant move to bring in Manning and it was a brilliant move to let him go.

How could this be possible? The Broncos had a team that was in a perfect situation for a veteran stud quarterback and then drafted a rookie to be his replacement in a few years.

The Colts just went through a 2-14 season in which Manning was sidelined for the entire year with neck issues. Manning went through several surgeries and was nearly 35 years of age. On top of all that the Colts received the No. 1 overall pick in the draft and thought it would be less risky and better long term if they drafted Standford QB Andrew Luck instead of paying Manning a ton of money and risk injury when he only had about three or four years left anyway.

It looks to be a win-win for both teams as the Colts finished 11-5 and the Broncos 13-3. Both executives look brilliant for making totally opposite moves for their respective teams, even though they both involved Manning.

It sounds weird, but it is totally true.


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