NFL Should Be Fined for Detroit Lions Pro Bowl Jersey Blunder

By Chris Katje
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Did you know the NFL fines players for wearing the wrong color undershirts? They also fine players for wearing wrong colored cleats and gloves. The league has also been known to fine players for their socks being too low and not showing enough white on television. Why is it then that the NFL gets to do what it wants with jerseys?

On Jan. 27, the annual Pro Bowl was played in Hawaii featuring the best NFL players from the AFC and NFC. Two Detroit Lions players, Don Muhlbach and Ndamukong Suh, played for the NFC side. Suh, who played in his first Pro Bowl had this to say: “To wear the helmet out there and wear the jersey with the Lions on it, it’s fun to be a part of that.”

The jersey Suh wore featuring the Lions logo was actually wrong. The NFL used the blue lion featured on the team’s jerseys from 1970-2003. Since that logo, the Lions have had two updated versions of the blue lion. The most recent, designed in 2009, features noticeable white on the lion and also more distinct teeth.

How is it that the NFL, who is responsible for providing jerseys for players in every game, couldn’t get this right? It wasn’t a new logo from the Lions or a special version. This is the same logo that was used on the Lions jerseys in every 2012 game.

Lions receiver Nate Burleson got a fine for not showing enough white in his socks during a Monday Night Football appearance. That fine was one of many given out by the league that come in FedEx packages. It’s time for the NFL to offer some explanation or give themselves a fine. Two players voted into the Pro Bowl game now own jerseys that were wrong, which is pretty bad for the NFL considering it is the first year of a new jersey deal with Nike.

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