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Rant Sports Exclusive Super Bowl Media Interview with Maurice Jones-Drew

Rant Sports- Dave Daniels

This week, I will be conducting some solo and group interviews in New Orleans as part of Rant Sports’ coverage of the Harbowl. Huuuuge shout-out to Gatorade for making this happen.

Keep checking out Rant Sports throughout the week for additional interviews, photos and videos taken at the Super Bowl Media Center.

Today, I had the chance to sit down with Maurice Jones-Drew, the Jacksonsville Jaguars star running back. What struck me about Jones-Drew was his admiration of his high school coach Bob Ladouceur; he called him not only a good coach, but a good person. Jones-Drew visits with his old coach often when he is back home. Ladouceur retired this year, and while Jones-Drew was on the De La Salle team they never lost a game.

Jones-Drew is currently rehabbing his broken foot; he had surgery and he was on a scooter today to take the pressure off of his foot. As he mentions in the interview, you can view the scooter on TMZ . Apparently, his right leg is super strong now, because he has been going up and down the hills of the UCLA campus on the scooter. He is currently taking 3 history classes and hopes to finish up his degree in the next couple years. You can hear the Rant Sports exclusive interview here, and I will also post MJD’s group interview that took place in the Gatorade Fuel Bar later on.

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