Super Bowl Media Day Has Gotten Out Of Hand

By Andy Schmidt
John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Tuesday brought the normal insanity of Super Bowl Media Day, with all the crazy questions and wacky outfits the come with it. It is the event that lets the loons out of their normal habitat to ask some of the worst questions that could be asked to players getting ready for the biggest game of their careers.

I have been fighting with how I feel about the whole charade at this point. While I want serious questions only to be asked of these players, the National Football League has allowed it so every person who wants their 15 minutes of fame gets it at the event.

You see the likes of Entertainment Tonight or Inside Edition at this same event when you likely would never see them at a sporting event. I saw a guy dressed up like a clown at the event. I know that the normal journalists get their time to talk with the players so they can do their stories before the Super Bowl hits, but I really don’t see the need to have everyone and their brother there asking questions.

If the NFL wants this to be worthwhile, I think they should allow the host city to have children come in and ask questions to their favorite athletes who are there. I bet the kids ask better questions than some of these other weirdos are. It would be a better experience for everyone involved, and it wouldn’t cause players to think they are staring at a funhouse mirror.

As long as the entertainment shows go away with their no-use celebs, I will be fine with mostly anything else.

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