Baltimore Ravens: Ed Reed Headed to New England Patriots?

By Ross Watson
John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

I think I have made my thoughts on Baltimore Ravens star safety Ed Reed well known in the past week or so but as per the 24/7 media frenzy that is Super Bowl week, there is a new, very real piece of speculation that has been brought up by none other than the safety himself.

When asked by reporters on his plans for next season and on recent speculation that he could find a home with the New England Patriots and Bill Belichick, who is known for having a great admiration for Reed and vice versa, the Ravens safety said, “I could definitely play for Coach Belichick.”

Reed then went on to praise Coach Belichick a little more, alluding to gaining more football knowledge from the Patriots mastermind similar to what he has experienced in previous Pro Bowls under the coach.

And once again, the speculation wheel on what exactly will become of Reed at the end of the season turns. It now seems almost beyond doubt that he will return next season regardless of a win or a loss in the Super Bowl (although a win might nudge him towards retiring at the top, that’s just my speculation).

However, I really don’t think that Ed would find any more compensation in New England than he would in Baltimore. The Patriots are renowned for bringing in veterans on a budget so if a situation were to arise that Reed might turn down an offer from the Ravens that didn’t meet his valuation of his services, then I doubt he’d get a better deal with the Pats.

One thing is for sure though, Reed is going to have few options after the game on Sunday, and the picture on his exact position won’t get any clearer until then.

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