Cleveland Browns Have Pieces For An Explosive Offense

By Ben Grimaldi
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Browns ranked 25th in the NFL in total offense this season but help is on the way. The Browns hired an offensive mind in Rob Chudzinski as head coach and brought in Norv Turner to become the offensive coordinator. Turner, despite his failures as a head coach, is a very good offensive coordinator.

The question now becomes, can the Browns become a better offensive team? I believe the answer is yes. They have the players to make a an explosive offense and it starts with running back Trent Richardson. Turner is known for developing running backs and his resume includes star backs such as Emmitt Smith and LaDaniain Tomlinson, so developing a talented runner like Richardson should be no problem.

At wide receiver, the Browns have a budding star in Josh Gordon who caught 50 passes for 805 yards and five touchdowns in his rookie year. Gordon is a legitimate deep threat who has the skills to be the explosive down-field target that Turner loves to utilize in his offense. The team also has Greg Little, a nice possession receiver who just needs to cut down on his drops to be more effective.

Of course, the biggest question mark is quarterback Brandon Weeden, who needs to be effective to make everything go but he did show some promise in his rookie year. If Turner and Chudzinski can get the best out of Weeden, the Browns have the pieces to have a very good offense next season.

The Browns will be remaking their defense to a more aggressive style under Ray Horton and they will be doing the same on offense. The key word for the Browns this off-season is aggression, and it may lead to a more explosive offense next year.

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