Denver Mayor Michael Hancock Loses Bet, Does Ray Lewis' Signature Dance

By Mark Stringer
michael hancock dance
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There were many football fans around the world that assumed that the Denver Broncos would have their way with the Baltimore Ravens in the AFC divisonal round of the 2012 NFL playoffs. The Broncos beat the Ravens a few weeks earlier in Baltimore pretty handily and were expected to do so again.

It looks as if the mayor of Denver, Michael Hancock, was one of those who assumed. He made a bet with the Mayor of Baltimore, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, that the Broncos would beat the Ravens a couple weekends ago in the playoffs.

The deal was that if the Ravens won, Hancock would send Rawlings-Blake a box of dry-aged “cowboy cut” rib eye steaks and take a video of himself doing Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis’ signature pre-game dance.

The Ravens pulled it out and Rawlings-Blake received her steaks a few days later, but there was no video at this point. When Rawlings-Blake called to speak to him about the video all she got was a represenative that said Hancock had “pulled a muscle” and couldn’t do the dance.

Then on Tuesday a video showed up online with Mayor Hancock doing Lewis’ signature dance to rapper Nelly’s song titled “Hot In Here.”

I bet Hancock will be a little more careful next year before he makes any bets like this. I hope he does make the bets and the Broncos send the Ravens home and put Lewis into retirement on their way to a Super Bowl victory.

Yes, I said Lewis. He won’t retire this season.

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