Harbaugh Parents Don't Have Dinner Plans Sunday Night

By Dave Daniels
Dave Daniels- Rant Sports

Today, I caught Jack and Jackie Harbaugh (father and mother of the Harbowl brothers) doing a press conference to a room packed with ravenous reporters. (Hoping to go to Beyonce’s tomorrow, so stay tuned, folks).

This was pretty touching and you can see where the brothers get their knack for managing people. Jack was making the media laugh with his stories and he had them in the palm of his hand. I love the part when he talks about Willie Mays (7:45); he’s kind of just an adorable old man who rambles on about the stories he likes to tell.

Can’t imagine what it must feel like to have two sons coaching against each other in the Super Bowl, but here they are.

Here is the video I took of the conference. Sorry it is a bit blurry and people were making extra noise around me, but the audio of it is pretty interesting so enjoy. Just a unique situation and uber-unique family.

Will be posting more video, photo and interview coverage of the media day tomorrow and Friday, so stay tuned in to Rant Sports and your feedback is always welcome in the comment box below.

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