Joe Flacco Provides A Chilly Response For Next Year's Super Bowl

By Harry Dole


Baltimore Ravens QB Joe Flacco scrambles to cover his icy comments about next year’s Super Bowl at the Meadowlands. Frank Victores – USA TODAY SPORTS


Baltimore Ravens fans can only hope their quarterback Joe Flacco displays a tad more maturity on the field on Super Sunday than he did when asked about next year’s Super Bowl being played in MetLife Stadium in northern New Jersey.  Sounding like a big kid playing a little kid’s game, Flacco stated having the Super Bowl in an open air stadium in a cold weather locale is a stupid idea.

Despite Flacco’s mentally challenged opinion, the NFL’s decision to exposeSuper Bowl XLVIII to the wintry elements has been long overdue and should be commended.  Football is an all-weather game where some of the greatest postseason games have been played in the most adverse weather conditions.  In fact, much of the gameday strategy revolves around the anticipated weather conditions.  And, oh by the way, it has been played by men who were not too concerned about getting dirty, wet or cold.

Has Flacco ever heard of the Ice Bowl, or does he think that is just something which is used at parties for holding the spiked punch?  If Vince Lombardi or George Halas were alive today, they would probably view Flacco as some thin skinned primadonna who has to warm up his car seat for an hour prior to venturing outdoor in the winter months.

Other memorable playoff games which were played in cold weather include the Immaculate Reception Game, The Tuck Rule Game and three playoff games in Cleveland in the 1980s, featuring the Denver Broncos (Elway’s The Drive), Oakland Raiders (Red Right 88) and the New York Jets (double overtime/Gastineau roughing the passer debacle).  The list of games is almost as endless as Flacco’s extensive vocabulary of descriptive adjectives.

Flacco’s comments are even more odd considering several weeks ago in frosty 10 degree Denver, he led his team to victory in what should become another memorable playoff cold weather overtime game.  Maybe his brain has still yet to thaw out after that rather improbable win, which was more of a Broncos choke job.

According to Flacco, only cities with domed or retractable roof stadiums should have the privilege and reap the economic benefits of hosting the Super Bowl.  Apparently, he believes the comfort of the fans, the players and media takes precedence over long time traditional NFL markets which have continuously been snubbed by the league for their showcase game.  The fact that Johnny come lately NFL cities such as Phoenix and Indianapolis have secured Super Bowl hosting duties over other northern traditional cities is nothing short of a slap in the face to the fans of these loyal football cities.

The first five Super Bowls in the Louisiana Superdome had scores of 27-10, 27-10, 46-10, 55-10 and 35-21.  These were all terrible games filled with poor uninspired play and little drama.  Apparently, some players were a little too comfortable within the confines of the dreary lit antiseptic climate controlled Superdome.

As for Flacco’s comment about the comfort of the fans bring a priority, how many real blue collar football fans do you know that can afford to take time off, travel to and attend a Super Bowl game?  With the exorbitant cost of attending, the only “fans” who can afford to attend are those of the corporate persuasion.  How nice of Flacco to be concerned for the NFL’s well-heeled once a year fair-weather fans.  Just the thought of having these poor fans endure such a harrowing outdoor cold weather ordeal is unthinkable. Can the NFL at least provide some complimentary blankets for these poor souls?

And just for the record, the high temperature forecast for New York City on Sunday is 39 degrees.  With such frigid Arctic weather, hopefully a frost bite warning has been issued advising people to stay indoors.

One wonders if the Ravens ownership or the city of Baltimore is thrilled with Flacco’s R-rated comments?  Since the precedent of a cold weather city with an open air stadium hosting a Super Bowl will be set next year, do you think Baltimore may also be interested in hosting a Super Bowl in the near future?  Judging by Flacco’s comments, he would be against the city he plays in hosting a Super Bowl because M&T Bank Stadium does not have a retractable roof.  Quick…time to get out the hammer and nails and start building one.

So while Flacco shamelessly promotes the idea of Super Bowls only being played in extremely expensive taxpayer funded domed stadiums so his backside can remain warm and comfortable, historic NFL cities such as New York, Boston, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Cleveland, Washington and BALTIMORE remain true to the game by failing to fall into the domed stadium trap.  Does Flacco also have any preference as to what type of retractable roofs is adequate?  In addition to being functional, it also has to look good, right?

And by the way, has anyone bothered to explain why southern warm weather cities such as Phoenix, Arlington, Houston, New Orleans and Atlanta need a roof on their stadiums?  Do they need to protect their fans and players from getting a sunburn during the winter months.  Are they afraid of getting goose bumps from the mild winter breeze in these Sunbelt cities?

Although NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell deserves to be criticized for many things, bringing the Super Bowl to a cold weather locale is a stroke of genius by Goodell which hopefully continues and becomes a part of his legacy.  This not only opens the door to a quality cold weather NFL championship football game most fans have yet to see in their lifetime, it gives other traditional long time NFL markets hope for hosting the big game in the future.  Football has never really been a game for those who prefer “ideal” climate controlled conditions.

With his insensitive and ridiculous comments, Flacco did not only succeed in offending a segment of society which is unable to defend itself, he succeeded in offending the city which is rooting for him to bring home the Lombardi Trophy.  Way to go South Jersey Joe!

Is there any wonder why some NFL quarterbacks are considered spoiled, pampered and lion hearted?

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