Latest Polls Provide Proof Of What Dallas Cowboys Fans Think Of Jerry Jones

By Ben Grimaldi
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

I’m guessing we can file this one away in the ‘things we already knew’ category but Dallas Cowboys fans don’t like Jerry Jones. No, really, I’m serious! I’m not making this up, nor have I conducted an informal twitter poll to prove it, but there are results from a recent poll that gave us the factual proof that Cowboys fans don’t like Jones.

According to Public Policy Polling in the state of Texas, only 13% of fans have a favorable opinion of the Cowboys owner. Allow me to stop here for a moment, what have these 13% of fans being watching for the past 17 years? Moving on…

The polling goes deeper and it gets worse for the owner, the poll asked the question if the Cowboys would be better off or worse off, with an owner other than Jerry Jones? The percent for better off came up at 52% and worse off claimed 14% percent of the vote.

Then there are the staggering numbers that have nothing to do with football but rather a general distaste for Jones which I won’t get into. Oh, who am I kidding, I can’t resist. According to the poll more Texans are in favor of seceding from the United States of America, 20%, and have a more favorable opinion of Lance Armstrong, 16%, than they do of Jones. Those are some scary numbers.

So basically, the majority of Dallas Cowboys fans think Jones is no good for their beloved Cowboys. I would take issue with one question though; I think there are plenty of people who are fine with Jones owning the team, just not general managing it. Count me among that group.

It’s all fun and games to look at these numbers but the bottom line is none of it means a thing for Jones. He’s not going to sell the team and he’s never going to give up the general manager position, so these polls do nothing but allow fans to voice their disapproval towards Jones. Actually, it may do more harm than good. With these numbers out fans might think Jones may somehow feel the pressure to give in because of some poll taken by the fans. Whoever thinks that are as delusional as Jones is about being the GM of the Cowboys.

There you have it Mr. Jones, the fans don’t like you running their Dallas Cowboys. The ball is now in your court.

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