LeSean McCoy Goes Ballistic on Twitter, Deletes Account in Aftermath

By Joe Doris
Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

After a hideous 4-12 regular season record in 2012, you might think it would be difficult for the Philadelphia Eagles to tarnish their reputation and image even further.

Well, don’t worry, Eagles RB LeSean McCoy made it his duty to humiliate himself and his team more so by orchestrating a senseless, extended Twitter-bashing directed toward the mother of his son.

It is certainly damaging for any NFL player’s persona when his character and morality are called into question, but it is flat-out idiotic when that person is the sole perpetrator in his own embarrassment. And when McCoy decided to let the whole world in on his “baby mama drama,” he gave Twitter nation more than they bargained for.

The actual tweets that were dished out by McCoy were way too vulgar and disrespectful to even reiterate, but believe me when I say that he was relentless in his attacks.

While I won’t go into many details, I will note that McCoy berated the mother of his son, LeSean Jr., by accusing her of lying about taking birth control and by suggesting that she was too promiscuous with McCoy, as he stated that he did not even know her name prior to the conception of their son.

The most bothersome part about the whole ordeal is how McCoy seemed to have absolutely no regard or concern for this woman’s livelihood or well-being throughout his tirade.

McCoy brought his enraged Twitter-rant to a new low when he urged his hundreds of thousands of followers to join him in the humiliation tactics by tweeting attacks at the woman themselves. Of course, Twitter nation took no time in obeying the calls of the glamorized athlete, as strangers who did not know this woman whatsoever brutally berated and embarrassed her about topics that they knew nothing about.

To be fair, the mother of McCoy’s son was dishing out the trash-talk and insults almost just as heavily at McCoy, as she questioned his manhood among many other things. Still, the woman is not an idolized public figure like McCoy, and therefore can not be held to the same standards.

Following the night-long bashing, McCoy decided to delete his Twitter account and offer a carefully constructed, completely insincere apology to the Eagles and his fans.

Too bad the deactivation and halfhearted “sorry” were far too little, too late, and NFL nation now has a much better idea of who the real LeSean McCoy actually is.


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