2012 New York Giants Year In Review: Mathias Kiwanuka

By jason evans

Matthias Kiwanuka has been a yo-yo for the New York Giants. The team can’t figure out whether or not he’s going to be a linebacker, or if he’s going to be a defensive end. He plays on the line when the team uses their NASCAR package, though there are other times when he’s playing linebacker. To me, with the way the game is becoming more about speed, it may be in the Giants best interest to leave Kiwanuka at defensive end and get another, faster linebacker. We’ll get to that later, but first let’s look back at 2012.

2012 stats: 16 games, 37 tackles, three sacks

2012 Game of the Year: His performance in one of the Giants’ most impressive wins against the Green Bay Packers gets the nod here. Kiwi had six tackles and two of his three sacks in this game, helping the Giants rout the Packers.

Where 2012 Went Wrong: He really didn’t make much of an impact. His tackle production dropped more than 50 percent, however, he did play a lot more end than linebacker in 2012 than 2011. He didn’t get to the quarterback as much, but the entire Giants team didn’t have as much success in doing that in 2012 anyway.

2013 Outlook: With the possibility Osi Umenyiora (and maybe Justin Tuck) isn’t on the team next season, the team is going to need more out of Kiwanuka. To me, he has to stay at defensive end and can’t be moved around. The Giants need to upgrade their speed at linebacker, and to me, Kiwanuka at linebacker wouldn’t help.

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