Alex Smith Plays Waiting Game For Super Bowl XLVII

By Andy Schmidt
John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

I can’t imagine what Alex Smith is going through as Super Bowl XLVII approaches. Smith was the starting quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers during the first half of the 2012 season before getting hurt and being replaced by Colin Kaepernick. Smith has been the good teammate though and seems to be supporting Kaepernick as San Francisco tries to win another Super Bowl. Smith said that he is trying to be the best teammate he can be.

“I guess just the same teammate that I expect all my other teammates to be. I think in that sense, I just put the team first. That’s what this is about. I think it’s harder at the professional level. I think everybody did. Obviously, it’s not easy to get demoted. But you don’t make yourself a priority and put the team first. I guess that’s what I expect out of all my teammates.”

That’s about as positive of a spin that Smith can put on this. He should probably be a bit angry over everything and could be leaving town after the season but Smith added that hasn’t been discussed yet.

“I haven’t talked to them. I’m sure when we get back there will be plenty of time to sit down with Jim (Harbaugh) and Trent (Baalke) and see what’s what.”

I really believe that Smith will be traded in the offseason because the team isn’t going to want a quarterback battle in training camp. Smith is a very talented quarterback who would help any number of teams in the National Football League. I’m sure Smith will be ready to go on Sunday if anything were to happen to Kaepernick and bring home a sixth Super Bowl for the franchise.

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