Arian Foster Puts Heart Surgery Talk To Rest

By Ben Leven
Arian Foster NFL

Houston Texan’s Arian Foster recently came out with a statement to reassure his fans on the state of his health. Don’t worry ladies and germs he’s going to be okay. The whirlwind of concerns began Friday, when various media outlets indicated that Foster would have to go in for heart surgery in the next month. Which in all honesty would scare any ‘die heart’ Texans fan out there. I apologize for using the phrase ‘die heart’ in the previous sentence, not appropriate for those of you out there who suffer from heart complications.

Foster is arguably the best running back in the NFL and if there is something as vital as his heart threatening the quality of his life, but more importantly the Texan’s record then I would be deeply concerned. However Foster put those fears to rest and debunked those rumors for his heart problems and had this to say.

                “Thank you all for the concern. As of now, I have no complications with my blood pumper. There was a casual conversation with a reporter about my particular condition that turned public. But I have not, nor do I plan to anytime in the near future, have conversations with my doctors about any surgery. I am feeling well and am as exuberant as ever. Love and light to all those concerned!”

‘Blood pumper’, I think that’s what I will be calling my heart from now on. Anyhow, Foster made it clear to anyone out there that may be concerned, not to be. Thanks Foster for putting my fears to rest, you human antelope.


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