Baltimore Ravens' Joe Flacco Isn't Elite QB

By AJEnno
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Joe Flacco proved Monday during his first Super Bowl press conference that he wasn’t elite. It’s hard to imagine a player proving he’s not elite off the field, but Flacco managed to do it. This should also raise concerns with the Baltimore Ravens about signing Flacco to a long term deal.

During the first portion of the players media round up on Monday, Flacco was asked about his thoughts on the NFL‘s first cold weather Super Bowl. The game is set to take place at Met-Life Stadium next season. Flacco’s response to the idea:

“I think it’s retarded.”

The fact that Flacco would even let an insensitive remark like that slip out, proves that he’s not ready to be an elite quarterback. Being in that class is more than just what you do on the field. If you look at the current class of quarterbacks who are defined as elite: Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers, Peyton Manning, Eli Manning and Tom Brady. None of them have ever slipped up like that. Yes, they have all said something they wish they had back in a press conference, but Flacco’s slip up is worse.

You have the NFL, which donates and has a lot of players help out with disabled people. When you have one of your stars refer to a game as “retarded,” it is a step in the direction of tarnishing the NFL’s image. Flacco has proved a lot on the field during the playoffs that he’s ready for the next level. He may cement his status on Sunday with a Super Bowl trophy, but he’s got awhile to go before he’s going to be mentally ready for the next level.

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