Cleveland Browns: No Front Runners Allowed!

By Ryan Ruiz
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This was a long time coming. If I offend anyone, deal with it. As a die hard Cleveland Browns fan that sticks with my team through good times and bad times like many of you, it is embarrassing how many Pittsburgh Steelers fans are in Ohio. These so called fans of the yellow (not gold) and black, no nothing about the team and just root for the winning team. Its amazing how many of them didn’t flaunt their colors this year as the Steelers did not make the playoffs. I’m sick of them.

Recently, I read an article according to the social media frenzied site Facebook, Ohio is occupied by more Steelers fans than Browns or Cincinnati Bengals followers. Again, this is according to a demographic study on Facebook. Although this does make me sick to my stomach beyond repair, I can actually see that. Why? Well for one, you can’t walk in to a Walmart, Kmart, or even locally owned Marc’s without seeing yellow and black paraphernalia. As I went to pay for my gas and morning coffee yesterday, to the left of the cash register were Steelers winter hats and gloves. I live twenty minutes south of First Energy Stadium.

The sad thing is when I talk to a Steelers fan, as a knowledgeable fan of the Browns and NFL, I know more about Pukesburgh than they do. And then there’s the proud of our six Super Bowls leather jacket fan all decked out in disgusting yellow and black. While yes, your team does have six “Super Bowl” titles, stop with the non sense talk that the Browns have never won anything. I don’t care if I was alive at the time or not, the fact is the Browns do have a total of eight titles, four of them were called “NFL Championships.” Newsflash front running Steelers fans, it wasn’t always called the “Super Bowl.”

Finally, I’ll end my rant on one this note. I respect the Steelers fans that were born in Pennsylvania and grew up watching their team just like I did. The fans that were given a stupid little yellow towel after they came out of their mother’s womb is fine by me. It’s the ones I’ll see when I go to run my errands this afternoon that I can’t stand. Most of you wouldn’t publish an article about it, but I know deep down, you feel the same way.

Ryan Ruiz – Cleveland Browns Writer

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