Dallas Cowboys Need to Make Decision Regarding Offensive Play-Calling

By Jeric Griffin
jerry jones make up mind
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The world’s sorriest excuse for a professional sports general manager is at it again. Dallas Cowboys boss Jerry Jones is at it again–a week ago he said a decision had been made regarding his team’s offensive play-caller and now he’s gone back on that after all the talk about him dictating his head coach, Jason Garrett. This is yet another perfect example of why the Cowboys can’t win–Jones is a moron who has no idea how to run a football team.

Jones first announced on his weekly Dallas radio show that Garrett would not be calling the offensive plays in 2013 (Hallelujah!) and then said that the man who already has the title of offensive coordinator–Bill Callahan–will actually be fulfilling that role this season. Naturally, Jones conformed to the hounding of the media that he was a dictator and didn’t allow his team to function properly, so now Jerry says he’s going to let Garrett pick who calls the offensive plays.

It’s things like this that keep the Cowboys–no matter how much talent is on their roster–from winning football games. The message is never clear and things are always changing based on Jones’ mood each day.

Callahan should call the offensive plays because he’s the offensive coordinator. Garrett dang sure shouldn’t be calling any plays (he shouldn’t be allowed near the facilities, for the matter, but that’s another Rant), so why in the world is he choosing the person who will? That makes absolutely no sense, but that’s the “logic”–or lack thereof–behind Jones’ bizarre thought process.

So the Cowboys’ offense, which has the potential to be one of the NFL‘s best, will be led by a man whom Garrett designates. Lord help us all.

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