Harbaugh Bowl: Language Aside, Joe Flacco Was Right About Cold Weather Super Bowls

By Ben Grimaldi
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

A lot was made of Joe Flacco’s comments about the Super Bowl being held in New Jersey earlier in the week, but maybe for the wrong reasons. The words Flacco chose to use were clearly wrong and he corrected himself by saying “stupid” in place of an insensitive word but his thoughts on the subject were absolutely accurate.

The Super Bowl should not be played in any cold weather stadium that does not include a roof. I know that football in its purest form is supposed to be played outdoors and in the elements but times have changed. Why do you think there are nine stadiums that are domed or have the ability to close the roof? In addition to those stadiums, there are seven more venues that don’t require a dome because the weather doesn’t necessitate a roof. That means that half the league plays either in warm weather or a dome, so spare me the purity argument right now.

If people wanted the world’s biggest football game to be played in the elements, why hasn’t it been done in the past 46 years? The reasoning up to this point has been simple and obvious, the weather shouldn’t affect the way the Super Bowl is played. The Super Bowl also attracts more than just the common fans of football, it’s also an event to enjoy, which will be really difficult to do in freezing temperatures or in the snow.

The Super Bowl has turned into a spectacle and the entire week is an event to enjoy. Obviously New York City is an amazing place but during that week the cold temperatures will take some of that excitement away. Everyone’s heard what a nightmare Dallas was in the ice storm a few years ago and how hard it was to get around, well that will be nothing compared to New York in bad weather.

I live in New York City and if anyone from the NFL or Super Bowl committee tells you it won’t matter if bad weather arrives during Super Bowl week, they are lying. Getting taxis is a more difficult process, the subways get jam packed and the trains from New York City to East Rutherford, New Jersey have major problems in perfect weather, so you can imagine how bad it will get in inclement weather. It’s a huge problem waiting to happen.

The Super Bowl is meant to be enjoyed in the comforts of a dome or a warm weathered city, not in the freezing cold or snow. Hopefully the NFL will get it right from now on and not award a cold weather city without a dome as host for the world’s biggest and best football game.

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