Houston Texans Running Back Arian Foster Considering Heart Procedure?

By Kris Hughes
Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

In the past few days, some reports have surfaced that Houston Texans all-everything running back Arian Foster could be considering a heart procedure to address a condition he has developed which affected his performance during the last few games of the 2012-2013 NFL season.

In an interview with the NFL Network, Foster noted that he will likely undergo a procedure called an ablation in a month or so. An ablation is a procedure where a catheter is inserted to correct structural problems in the heart that can lead to an abnormal or irregular heartbeat. More specifically, the catheter is inserted to repair faulty electrical activity in the patient’s heart, which in worst-case scenarios, could lead to sudden cardiac arrest.

Foster first departed a game due to the condition on January 23rd against the Minnesota Vikings, but according to reports, had the issue earlier in the season as well.

This is a somewhat surprising development given Foster’s well-known adherence to the vegan diet and lifestyle and his promotion of it. Foster has been an advocate of his diet throughout the past 12 months or so as it has been questioned time-and-again by sportswriters and others in the non-sports media as to whether it is viable for an athlete of his caliber that must compete on the highest levels.

It just goes to show — I suppose — that no matter how well you take care of yourself and watch what you intake, if there are underlying conditions, they will eventually make their way to the surface.

We at Rant Sports wish Arian Foster nothing but the best in the coming weeks as he learns more about this health situation.

He’s one of the good guys in the NFL.

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