Is San Francisco 49ers' QB Colin Kaepernick Unstoppable?

By AJEnno
David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

In a two year span, the San Francisco 49ers have quickly become one of the most complete teams in the NFL. They very well could cement their status as a dominant team with winning the Super Bowl on Sunday. If they are to accomplish this, it’s going to depend on the legs and arm of QB Colin Kaepernick. If Kaepernick is successful again the question would arise, is he unstoppable?

Throughout the 2012-13 playoffs, no team has had an answer for Kaepernick as he has beaten the Green Bay Packers with his arm and legs, and beaten the Atlanta Falcons with his arm. This will make it hard for an aging Baltimore Ravens defense to stop the 49ers offense on Sunday. Kaepernick’s strong arm, and first class speed has quickly made him one of the most complete players in NFL history.

Defense’s in the NFL have always had trouble against scrambling quarterbacks, but have often found ways to stop them because normally the weakness is the lack of passing ability. With Kaepernick you can stop him from running, but he’s such an accurate passer that he’ll find a way to burn you.

Kaepernick could turn into one of the most dominant players in the league going into the future. Barring injury or off the field problems, he will continue to take the league by storm next year. He’s helped doctor in the pistol offense in the NFL, an offense that I believe only he can run successfully. The 49ers organization and coach Jim Harbaugh may have found the perfect player. You accompany him with that great defense, and this whole team could be unstoppable going forward.

Watch for Kaepernick to continue to establish his dominance in the NFL. It starts with hoisting that Super Bowl trophy and putting himself in 49ers legend territory with names like Joe Montana and Steve Young.

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