Laurent Robinson Prime Example Of Issues Facing Modern NFL Players

By Joey Farbo
Jacksonville Jaguars Laurent Robinson
Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

Football is a very physical game, and it has not been until recently that we have started to understand the damaging effects an NFL career can have on the human body.

Perhaps no player currently in the league exemplifies those effects more than Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver Laurent Robinson. Robinson is currently in recovery from the four concussions he suffered during the 2012 season, and is still dealing with symptoms more than two months removed from the last concussion he suffered.

In an interview with Andrea Kramer of NFL Network, both Robinson and his wife explained that he is still sensitive to light and how they have to keep their house dark to ease his symptoms. The concussions have also had an effect on Robinson as the father of a newborn child.

“I have a newborn baby and I just can’t be around her crying because it’s a repetitive noise,” Robinson told Kramer. “It just gives me headaches.”

Robinson explained that he thought if he passed the concussion tests that he would be healthy enough to go back out and play, but we are now starting to learn that just being able to pass the tests may not mean that a player is ready to return to action. It is understandable why Robinson wanted to rush back to action as he is eager to live up to the five-year, $32.5 million contract he signed last offseason to come in and be one of the Jaguars top offensive weapons.

It is one of the situations that players are facing in this new enlightened era of the NFL. Players have to be able to balance their desire to be tough and play through injuries with the fact that they could be doing irreparable harm to their brain that could cause them significant problems later in life.

For now, Robinson is taking time away from football to heal his brain, and is hopeful of a return to the football field for the Jaguars in 2013. But, he has to give serious thought to his life after football if concussions continue to be an issue for him.

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