NFL Rumors: Will the San Diego Chargers replace their team doctor?

By Kenny Gardner
David Chao San Diego Chargers
Kirby Lee-USA Today Sports

The front office of the San Diego Chargers had important decisions to make during the off-season last year. Were they going to re-sign their leader in receiving yards in 2008, 2009 and 2011?  Were they going to re-sign left tackle Jared Gaither?  How were they going to fix a horrific defense?

San Diego did not bring back Vincent Jackson, he signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and had a career high 1,384 receiving yards to go along with an NFL high 19.2 yards per reception.

Former Baltimore Ravens and former Kansas City Chiefs left tackle Jared Gaither was brought back, but he missed 12 games during the 2012 season.

San Diego improved their defense which went from 20th and 28th in fewest yards per rushing attempt and yards per pass attempt allowed to fifth and 12th in these categories in 2012.

A major mistake made by the Spanos family was bringing back David Chao to be the team’s doctor.

According to the Associated Press, “Online records show that Chao was found liable of malpractice last summer, has been publicly reprimanded by the board and plead guilty to driving under the influence.”

The article on continued by saying “In 2010, Chao was investigated by the Drug Enforcement Administration for writing at least 108 drug prescriptions to himself, which violated controlled-substance regulations.”

“NFLPA executive Director DeMaurice Smith said that Chao’s troubles are an example of why the union wants the NFL to set up a system to verify the credentials of all team medical personnel.”

The Spanos family did not hesitate this off-season to get rid of A.J. Smith after 10 seasons as general manager and Norv Turner was fired after six seasons as the team’s head coach.

One has to wonder why the Spanos family brought back Chao to be the team’s doctor in 2012 with such a dark cloud hanging over his head.  Chao may be gone one way or another because if he is not fired, he could have his medical license revoked according to the article on ESPN’s website.

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