Raider Nation: Why do Some Fans Want Carson Palmer to Start?

By Jeremy Hayes

The fans have spoken!

In a previous article, a majority of Oakland Raider fans believe that Carson Palmer should be the starting quarterback for the 2013 season. The same two excuses come up for Palmer: look at his statistics for last year and it was all Greg Knapp’s fault.

This is the part where we list the great statistics for Palmer, well, here is one at least: a record of 4-12.

Raider Nation is making an argument to keep Palmer because he gives them a better chance to win games, even though he has a career record of 49-56 and has never won a playoff game. So Raider fans who want Palmer to start, you want a 33-year-old quarterback to start who has an overall losing record and had a “great” season with 22 touchdowns, but also 14 interceptions and seven fumbles. That is a 22-21 touchdown-turnover ratio.

Oh, but he did have a lot of yards didn’t he? It is easy to get a ton of yards when you get your team behind by multiple scores each game, and have to pass a lot the next half.

But…but…he was injured all last year and still did well.

Okay? Why do people bash scrambling quarterbacks who get hurt, but the old brittle Palmer gets a pass from his fans? Why would you want a beat-up quarterback while you have a young one on the bench who needs experience?

Raider Nation needs to wake up, dumb comments defending Palmer is why your team will remain bad, but if the team is smart they will pass the torch to Terrelle Pryor and see what he can do.

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