Oakland Raiders fans Should Root for Baltimore Ravens in Super Bowl XLVII

By Ben Leven
Oakland Raiders NFL

Super Bowl XLVII, two days away, everyone is getting excited, even if our teams did not make it and that would be quite a few of us. As a Chicago Bears fan, I have become tolerant, dare I say uncomfortably numb to them losing and not seeing them go to the Super Bowl. I am not going to think about 2007, with the Indianapolis Colts, that actually did not happen, Chicagoans simultaneously had the same bad dream that night or something.

God bless Oakland Raiders fans, they are probably the only football fan base that is actually more violent than their team’s offensive line. Raiders’ fans haven’t seen their beloved team play in the Super Bowl in ten years, still they go out on that front line, war paint clad and all, screaming their lungs out and starting riots in the parking lot with the opposing team.

The Raiders and San Francisco 49ers fan bases simply will not play nice with each other. As a Chicagoan, I don’t know what it’s like to live in a state with two football teams, but we do have two baseball teams and I can tell you their respective fan bases hate each other and the region they share is much smaller than the Raiders and 49ers’ shared region.

So if you’re a Raiders’ fan out there and you decide only to side with the Baltimore Ravens because you hate San Francisco’s fan base seems petty, but who am I to tell a Raiders fan what to think? If I did, I’m sure I would be skewered and burned alive, accordingly, (sigh) Raiders fans.

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