Randy Moss Was Black Balled By The Tennessee Titans

By Ben Leven
Randy Moss NFL
Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

No one is going to argue that Randy Moss’s time on the Tennessee Titans was fruitful, in 2010. There were times when we questioned, what a player like Moss was doing with the Titans. It was an unproductive two month stint for Moss, but he toughed it out like any good player.

Take us three years forward and now Moss is going to the Super Bowl with the San Francisco 49ers. Looking back Moss did not enjoy his time with Tennessee and that’s okay Moss, neither did we. Although Moss did have decent enough relations with then Titans coach Jeff Fisher, he was not on the best terms with Fisher’s underlings, I mean assistants.

On Wednesday, Moss told Jim Wyatt that he was not a favorite among the coaches and was “blackballed” Moss went on further with Wyatt on his rocky relationship with the Titans’ coaches.

Why they claimed me, I really don’t know. There were some things where I could really tell I really wasn’t liked, and that was coming from the coaching staff. To be able to still make plays … there were some things going on in-house that I probably won’t speak upon until I write my book.”

Moss was again asked why the other coaches did not like him and chose not to talk about it. It was a hard time for Moss on the Titans. It was the inevitable career slump that all men find themselves in, but that is all behind him now as he readies himself for the Super Bowl this Sunday.


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