Average Ticket Prices for Super Bowl Will Shock You

By Jeric Griffin
super bowl ticket prices
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Everyone knows if you want to attend the Super Bowl, you have to drop a pretty penny. That also heavily depends on which teams are playing in the Big Game and where it’s being played. The rumors of ticket prices being thousands of dollars are true, but the trends among ticket prices are not exactly along the lines you might think, especially for this year’s contest. Thanks to our partners over at Vivid Seats for the graphic above and the stats below.

Super Bowl XLVII features the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers, two teams whose coaches happen to be brothers–Jim and John Harbaugh. These two men are the first brothers ever to coach against each other in the Big Game, earning this year’s Super Bowl the nicknames HarBowl and Harbaugh Bowl.

You would these crazy storylines would make ticket prices higher than ever, but that’s not the case. Over the past three years–including this one–average ticket prices for the Super Bowl have actually decreased. In 2011, the average price was $3,371 with that number increasing to $3,915 the week before the game. In 2012, those two numbers were $3,040 and $3,048 while 2013 saw another drop: $2,978 and $2,005.

That’s not even the half of it. Average ticket prices by section level are listed below:

100 Level: $3,388

200 Level: $4,513

300 Level: $3,362

500 Level: $2,869

600 Level: $2,091

Naturally, the two states that purchased the most tickets are Maryland (24.8%) and California (17.2%). You would think Louisiana would be third, but it’s actually its neighbor state: Texas (9.1%).

At this rate, Super Bowl ticket prices will be affordable again by the time Joe Flacco and Colin Kaepernick are great grandparents. Better start saving up!

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