Beyonce Hints At Possible Destiny's Child Reunion In Press Conference At Super Bowl Media Center

By Dave Daniels

As a follow up to posting Beyonce’s beautiful national anthem, I wanted to post her press conference as well. She went into the press conference after a truly unbelievable version of the Star Spangled Banner, and you could tell she wanted to answer her critics with both her song and conference.

She will probably be joined on stage by Destiny’s Child on Sunday, and she even seemed to hint that Jay-Z might join her as well. I took video of the press conference in two parts, because my camera’s memory went full about halfway through. After the first question she addressed the Inauguration controversy. Here is the first part of the press conference.

In the second part, she said that she might announce a possible tour after the game on Sunday. She was really a joy to watch perform, and I found the whole press conference really great. Twitter apparently blew up after her anthem. In part two, definitely checkout the Denmark press’ question at 5:02; some really funny stuff there, and you can even hear me at the beginning of the track desperately trying to get a question in to one of the moderators. Didn’t happen though, but I had to try. Here’s part 2.

Thanks to Gatorade for getting me a day pass, and keep an eye open for Roger Goodell‘s press conference tomorrow as well as one on one interviews with J.J. Watt and Eli Manning next week.

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