From Green Bay Packer Back Up, To Super Bowl Starter

By AJEnno
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One of the most unsung heroes on a football team is usually the fullback. This Sunday, the Baltimore Ravens will showcase maybe the leagues best fullback, Vonta Leach. Leach has been with the Ravens since 2011, and he’s blossomed into one of the leagues best fullbacks. But he began his career as a Green Bay Packer.

Leach was signed by the Packers as an undrafted rookie free agent in 2004, and served mainly as a back up to fullback William Henderson. Leach was with the Packers until 2006, when he was cut during training camp. Based on Henderson being a great fullback, Leach wasn’t able to prosper and really show his talent. He was later signed by the Houston Texans where he began to show his dominance. Leach made his first Pro Bowl in 2010 as a Texan, and has made the Pro Bowl each year since. Leach is one of the better receiving fullbacks in the league. The Texans used him the best in their pass first offense. The Ravens don’t use him as much, but he’s allowed to show off his blocking abilities in this offense.

Leach is no doubt the AFC’s best fullback, and the Ravens were lucky to get such a player. Now he will be lead blocking for Ray Rice in the Super Bowl this Sunday. Leach is one of the reasons that Rice has enjoyed such success these past few seasons. It’s been a surprise for Packer fans to see Leach turn into what he has. It’s almost made them think what could have been. Luckily the Packers have had a top fullback in John Kuhn, and Kuhn turned out to be one of the reasons Leach was let go.

Leach has come a long way from being on the practice squad, and the bench of the Packers, to being the consistent starting fullback for the AFC in the Pro Bowl. He will get his chance Sunday in the Super Bowl to open those holes for Rice so he can lead them to their first Super Bowl title since 2000.

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