Jell-O To Hand Out Free Pudding To Super Bowl XLVII Losing City

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

As Super Bowl XLVII draws near, fans are all used to seeing the commercial after the game with the Most Valuable Player saying that “He’s going to Disney World”. Well, we now have a new commercial to watch for after the game. Jell-O has announced that it will give out thousands of free cups of their pudding to the losing team’s city. There are certain lines that can’t be crossed but this one at least to me really takes the cake. This is definitely not like being dunked by Gatorade.

Everyone loves Jell-O, and there is nothing like the jiggling of the bowl after it’s set up, but we are now feeling so sorry for the city that loses that we need to give them free pudding. There are people who eat away their sorrow as it is, and we don’t need to be giving up free food to add to that. A former player from the losing city will help hand out pudding, while fans outside of the local losing area can download a coupon.

If I wasn’t already excited to watch the game already, the possibility of Jell-O just adds to the excitement of the game. We all know that Jell-O is associated a lot with drinking already, so I really don’t see the point with the handing out of free pudding. This sounds like a terrible idea all the way around, and I really hope Jell-O doesn’t think this is going to help regain sales that the company has lost over the last number of years. I guess we can all forward to Jell-O pudding after the game, though, since you know very well that every person will become a fan of the losing team if they like them or not to get free food.

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