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Jerry Rice Possibly Gave the Finger to Randy Moss at Super Bowl Media Center

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Dave Daniels- Rant Sports

Thanks to Gatorade, I was able to film some of Jerry Rice‘s group media press conference Thursday. I have a feeling Rice wore his Super Bowl ring on his middle finger on purpose this week. Randy Moss recently claimed he was the best wide receiver of all time, and when you compare their Rice and Moss’ numbers it is a ridiculous comparison. Rice is such a class act, but he was clearly a bit rankled by the comparison.

Rice has more career receptions, yards, and Super Bowl Rings than Moss could ever dream of. When I asked Rice if he had any advice for Moss, he surreptitiously held up the middle finger and said it was all about Super Bowl rings. See if you agree with me or think it was just a casual mistake. (It happens at 4:57)

I mean he had to know he was going to get questions about Moss at this press conference right? This is only speculation, but Rice did it on purpose and he was enjoying himself. Rice’s career speaks for itself and he does not need to defend it against Moss’ comments; he is bar none the best wide receiver to ever play the game. That may change in the future if Calvin Johnson ends up on a team where he can win some rings but for today, it is stone cold truth.

Rice even has some fun calling Moss out on his spotty work ethic over his career. Rice even says that though he was never the most talented player physically on the field he was going to out work you and do it with more heart.

Moss may be able to make some big claims, but he could never say that.

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