NFL Rumors: Could Randy Moss Come To The New Orleans Saints In 2013?

By Alejandro Aviles
Randy Moss
Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

The “Big Game” is tomorrow and there have been plenty of headlines and stories that have come out in the past week. One of the biggest stories was when San Francisco 49ers’ wide receiver, Randy Moss, came out and said that he was the greatest wide receiver of all time. Whether or not that is true depends on your opinion but there is no doubt that Moss is one of the best to ever play the position.

Moss has the chance to win his first Super Bowl tomorrow and no matter the outcome, Moss has said that he would like to play next season. The question is where will Moss play next season?

Moss has said that he is not happy with his role on the 49ers and there is speculation that he could be on the move this off-season. If Moss leaves the 49ers is there a possibility that he could come to the New Orleans Saints?

Moss worked out for the Saints back in 2011 as he was gearing up for a comeback. In his limited role with the 49ers Moss caught 28 passes for 454 yards with three touchdowns. In a bigger role I think Moss could still be a great threat but it might not be with the Saints.

The Saints seem pretty content with wide receivers Marques Colston and Lance Moore as their top receivers. If Moss came to the Saints, it would be a likely be in a similar role that he served on the 49ers. I do not see Moss coming to the Saints as something that makes sense for either party.

As of right now, Moss coming to the Saints seems like a long shot, and the team seems pretty happy with its wide receiver corps. However, this is the NFL and crazy deals happen all the time so anything is possible.

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