Will Chip Kelly's Spread Offense Actually Work for Philadelphia Eagles in the NFL?

By Joe Doris
Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

There has been great speculation over the past couple of NFL seasons concerning how well certain speedster quarterbacks will be able to adapt to professional football following brilliant college careers.

The reason for certain critic’s reservations about mobile quarterbacks is that they believe their speed and elusiveness can be matched much easier by NFL defenses as opposed to NCAA defenses. So if a QB can not rely on his passing game in the professional ranks, his future in the league is highly questionable.

But over the past few years, there has been a bevy of mobile quarterbacks who have seen great success in the NFL after their prosperity in the league was originally doubted. In just the past two seasons alone, Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton, Washington Redskins QB Robert Griffin III and Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson have all proved to the doubters that their style of play can flourish at the NFL level.

So now that the Philadelphia Eagles have chosen Chip Kelly as their new head coach, can his up-tempo style of spread-option offense, featured previously at the University of Oregon, translate gracefully into the NFL?

Yes, it can. And it will.

In this day and age of professional football, teams are learning how to exploit the running abilities of quarterbacks along with their passing abilities. So if Kelly can acquire the right type of quarterback via trade or the 2013 NFL Draft to run his offense, the Eagles could be in for a very successful and exiting era. And even though QB Michael Vick is still an Eagle, I look for Kelly to eye a younger QB with many more treads on his tires to lead the way.

But as we have all seen in the past, if a quarterback is solely a runner and is not a strong passer in the NFL, his success in the league will be very limited.

As long as Kelly keeps in mind that his QB will have to be capable of launching the football down-field with accuracy along with scrambling, then his system should make the transition with ease.


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