Cary Williams Should Have Been Ejected From The Super Bowl For Shoving A Referee

By Riley Schmitt
Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

Cary Williams is a big part of the Baltimore Ravens but there is no way that he should still be playing in the Super Bowl. The corner was involved in a bit of a scrum and he ended up shoving a referee. That act should have resulted in an ejection, which would have had a huge impact on the Harbowl.

The game has been real chippy so far but this thing got out of control.  The refs decided to let a lot of things go early but this brawl that broke out was simply ugly.  Williams was not about that life and wanted to keep fighting until he scored a victory.  I am shocked that he did not get penalized for such a play.

This is the biggest football game of the year and something like this ends up marring the game.  That is not what you want the rest of the nation to see.  The Ravens may not have the best reputation on the planet and this does not help.  People instantly roasted Williams on Twitter and for a good reason.  Plays like that do not belong in any type of game.

We will see if this plays a role in the result of the game.  Williams could end up with a game changing play and most of the nation would be irate about it.  That is what happens when the refs decide that they do not want to control the game.

This play will be talked about the rest of the night.  Trust me.

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