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Chris Culliver Must Learn From Super Bowl Comments

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Every year brings a new controversy at the Super Bowl and this year it was Chris Culliver making some idiotic comments about gay people and how he wouldn’t welcome them into the locker room. Those kind of comments have no place in the National Football League and Culliver will be taking sensitivity training and education classes after this whole Super Bowl experience ends for him and the San Francisco 49ers.

There are just some things that you cannot say no matter what and Culliver definitely went over that line. Culliver at least said his comments early in the week unlike some other Super Bowl storylines that developed right before the game from Max McGee getting drunk the night before Super Bowl I all the way to Eugene Robinson’s attempt to pick up a prostitute right before the biggest game of his career. Culliver has got to learn to have a filter on what he says. Everyone says things they regret without thinking, but on the biggest stage out there, it just can’t happen.

Hopefully, Culliver learns from this and keeps thoughts like that to himself. I really think San Francisco should consider some more classes or more punishment for Culliver but that’s likely not going to happen. This is also something that other NFL players can learn from so next year at the Super Bowl, something like this doesn’t happen. There will always be that lone big mouth or someone who does something dumb right before the big game. It will happen again next year, I’m sure of it in New York but who knows who it will be next time around.

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