Enjoy today's Super Bowl because the Harbowl will be the end of real football in the NFL

By Nik Swartz
Aldon Smith San Francisco 49ers
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Harbowl or Super Bowl XLVII, the real name of the event taking place today, is bigger than the two brothers coaching the teams. What’s getting lost in the hoopla surrounding this Super Bowl, as everyone plays drinking games to the amount of times the term Harbowl is used, is the fact this may be the best Super Bowl match-up in decades.

With so much attention being given to the “BroBowl”, the really exciting aspect of this year’s game, is that hard-nosed football still does exist in the NFL. All old-school football fans will enjoy every minute of this match-up, because if the majority rules, this year’s Super Bowl will be the last of its kind.

With the President of the United States, Barack Obama, recently coming out and pretty much saying the NFL should be a flag-football league; it is nice to have two of the hardest hitting, mean, tough teams in the NFL playing in this year’s Super Bowl.

In what has become such a pass happy league, to have two teams that run the ball to set up the pass, makes this year’s game better than ever. They both also play aggressive, punch you in the face offense, as well defense, which is a breath of fresh air for fans of the NFL when it was at its best. In recent years, a lot of games have been unbearable to watch, with referees throwing so many flags on the defense, just for playing good, aggressive football.

These days, if a defender gets close to any of the pretty-boy quarterbacks, like Tom Brady or Peyton Manning, the 15-yard penalty flag is coming. Conversely, the lack of flags on the offense in general has become a major problem. This is because of the league’s desire for as many points as possible; because high flying games and a ton of points gets more fans in the seats. Too often, especially this year, the games have been called in favor of the offensive team, which is another example of the NFL wanting points.

It may surprise many, but the actual rules state that defensive backs have as much of a right to the football as the wide-receivers, but more often than not, the d-backs will get flagged for pass interference or holding, when the offensive receiver is being just as aggressive.

Off that “Rant” and back to the game – the San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens should put on a show of good, old school football. This game could be decided by how close the referees call the game. Both defenses play aggressive and will look to attack on the outside, as much as at the line of scrimmage. If the referees call a close game, the defenses will have to adjust to be sucessful, which may hurt the Ravens the most. The Ravens are the team in black and one of their biggest weapons is putting fear in their opponents. The problem is, the 49ers don’t seem to scare easy.

The Ravens have been the “bad boys” of the NFL for many years now and even as they get longer in the tooth, they still live by the fear factor on defense. The 49ers may not be the team in black, but they should be the ones feared the most. They are younger, show more discipline and are fiercer than the Ravens. They 49ers’ Navarro Bowman, and Aldon and Justin Smith are only three of the many great defensive weapons for the 49ers.

The 49ers are the younger team, but they are battle tested and were two fumbles away from the Super Bowl last season, so they are not new to big games.

The Super Bowl is always over-hyped; having two weeks for every story line and every player to be analyzed to death, though for once, the game may actually live up to all the hype it gets. The teams are so similar it is almost as if they are being coached by the same guy.

Ray Lewis, Ed Reed and the rest of the Ravens defense, looking over at a younger version of themselves in the 49ers defense, should set-up a ferocious battle in the trenches; which is perfect for all those crying about the brutality of the game. This year’s Super Bowl match-up could not come at a better time and it will live up to the hype and be the most bone-crushing, hard hitting game of the year.

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