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Expect A lot of Big Plays in Super Bowl XLVII

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Two weeks is a long time to wait to watch one football game, but Super Bowl XLVII is finally here. Over the last two weeks, we have heard every single story imaginable in a media frenzy trying to “one up” the next report. Is Baltimore Ravens LB Ray Lewis using Deer Antler Spray? I don’t  care. Is Colin Kaepernick elite? No, if you think he is, you don’t know the meaning of elite. So much talk about aspects of the game that really don’t mean anything once the players step onto the field and actually start playing the game.

I don’t agree with the two week break and I think it is there so the NFL can squeeze as much money as possible out of the event. However, this is beneficial for the fans. A two week break is going to slow the defense down which means we are going to see a lot of big plays. The Ravens like to air the ball out a lot and the San Francisco 49ers and their quarterback have a knack for making big plays appear out of thin air.

The Ravens have the talent to win this game, but it’s going to take a total team effort. The 49ers have more weapons and a faster and stronger defense. The one player that is most intriguing? Randy Moss, he made a huge statement on media day about being the great wide receiver ever. I think he is the hardest to cover ever, so I think that is what makes you the greatest, but Jerry Rice definitely had the greatest career ever. All you have to do is look at the numbers, but if I had a choice between Rice and Moss, I am taking Moss every single time. He is faster and can jump a lot higher.

I would like to see Moss have a great game and if the 49ers throw him the ball, he will. It’s as simple as that. The team also has Frank Gore and Michael Crabtree, so they are well stacked. The Ravens aren’t looking too bad themselves with Anquan Boldin, Ray Rice and Torrey Smith. When there are so many playmakers, it’s hard not to believe there will be a lot of big plays, because after all, “big time players make big time plays”.

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