Harbaugh Bowl: Frank Gore Needs To Keep His Quarterback Focused

By Jeff Everette
Frank Gore-Kyle Terada
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports


Nothing has gone the San Francisco 49ers way so far in Super Bowl XLVI. Quarterback Colin Caepernick is only in his 10th start of his career and so far it shows. The Baltimore Ravens defense has been confusing the dynamic young playmaker since the very first possession and the game is quickly getting away from him.

There are several key players on the 49ers offense that could take Kaepernick to the side and council him in this moment, but Frank Gore needs to be the one to get in his head. Vernon Davis, Randy Moss and Michael Crabtree can say what they want, but those are the same guys that are in his ear between plays all the time. They are the ones constantly telling him how open they are.

It has to come from Gore.

The running back lines up with him on nearly every play, and there is a level of respect that the eighth year playmaker has earned from his teammates. He needs to cash in on that respect by getting in Kaepernick’s face and calming him down. The offense needs to start moving the ball and putting points on the board if they have any hopes of getting back into this game.

Being down 22 points to the Ravens in the Harbaugh Bowl was not the way Kaepernick and Gore imagined this playing out, but there is still plenty of time left for them to make a game of it. They will likely need to find a way to take advantage of the moments they have been missing out on and they need to find a way to keep Gore involved.

Keeping Gore involved might prove to be difficult with the 49ers being so far behind, but making sure the explosive back touches the ball is as important as anything else the coaches can come up with. Gore needs to be sure he gets through to his quarterback and makes him understand that this is just a game. He needs to help get his quarterback to relax and play with the cool confidence he had shown throughout the playoffs so far.


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