Harbowl I Position Battle #1: Haloti Ngata Versus Alex Boone

By Scott DelleFave
Ngata, Haloti 1
Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Today is the biggest day of all NFL season, Super Bowl Sunday, however, today it’s been dubbed Harbowl I as it’s been well-documented that it’s a game between two brothers as head coaches in John and Jim Harbaugh. However, they aren’t playing but there are enough of those players that are including two giant men in Haloti Ngata and Alex Boone.

Ngata is just simply amazing, a man of his size is incredibly strong and agile as a cat. He is tough as nails and on the field he is downright mean which is what defines what  Baltimore Ravens football is. Besides being a defensive end/ tackle hybrid, Ngata has been an active rugby player as well. In 2012, Ngata had five sacks with 33 solo tackles and a pass deflection and just has been an overwhelming force on this line.

Boone is just a beaming tower with incredibly long arms that can neutralize the best pass rushers and run stoppers. Boone has blossomed under coach Jim Harbaugh and has played at a Pro Bowl level for most of this year and is c0nsidered one of the league’s best value players regardless of position.

Let’s Go to the Tale of the tape between Haloti Ngata and Alex Boone!

Haloti Ngata                                                                                          Alex Boone

Age: 29                                                                                                    Age: 25

Height: 6′ 4″                                                                                           Height: 6′ 8″

Weight: 340 lbs.                                                                                  Weight: 300 lbs.

Years Pro: 7                                                                                         Years Pro: 2

Boone, Alex 1
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

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