Is Tim Tebow the Bears Solution at Tight End?

Tim Tebow San Diego Chargers
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It is time for Tim Tebow to realize that his dreams of being an NFL quarterback are becoming less-and-less of a reality. Even on the quarterback-challenged New York Jets, Tebow couldn’t crack the starting lineup. Sometimes in life, we have to admit that something isn’t going to work no matter how much we try; so it is time for a change of reality. Is Tebow’s reality being a tight end for the Chicago Bears?

No one questions Tebow’s football IQ or dedication to the game. Despite a frustrating 2012, Tebow kept himself in excellent shape. He’s a tough guy that has a strong understanding of football. He has a relationship with head coach Marc Trestman, so maybe this will be a comfortable transition for Tebow. A fresh start for Tebow may be what the doctor ordered. And the transition shouldn’t be a difficult one considering Tebow’s makeup.

For whatever reason, Tebow still has this idea that he will be a starting quarterback in the NFL. He’s one of the games most popular and marketable players. And yet, teams run away from him like he’s Terrell Owens. Are there concerns about his attitude? Has his New York minute tainted him? I am starting to think there’s more to Tebow than what we see through the eyes of his fans. I’m sure he’s frustrated because he wants to be an NFL quarterback. But he needs to search his inner-soul and see that it won’t happen. For a man that has strong religious convictions, he needs to find peace in this idea. Or as I like to tell my children;  I want and I get are two different concepts.

In comparing Tebow’s size and abilities, he does have the makeup to play tight end. In comparing his size, he’s 6’3 and around 240 pounds. In comparison, San Francisco 49ers tight end Vernon Davis has the same size and weighs around 10 pounds more than Tebow. With the right regiment, Tebow can add weight to his frame. Where Davis has a clear advantage is in the speed department. Tebow runs a 4.7ish 40-yard dash while Davis clocks in at 4.38. That’s a marked difference, but let’s keep in mind that Davis is a freak-0f-nature. Current Bears tight end and disgrace to the game of football Kellen Davis runs it around 4.6.

Where a concern may enter the equation is in the size of Tebow’s hands. New Orleans Saints tight end Jimmy Graham has hands that measure at 10 5/8 inches while Tebow’s paws are only 10 1/8. That slight difference could impact his pass-catching abilities.  Interestingly enough, Baltimore Ravens tight end Dennis Pitta has smaller hands, is only an inch taller than Tebow and runs around the same 40-time. Two of the tight ends I’ve mentioned are playing today in Super Bowl XLVII and Graham is one of the game’s best. In order for the Bears to improve offensively, it is no secret that the Bears have to improve at the tight end position. In today’s NFL, you have to have a good tight end. And the Bears have none.

The reality is that Tebow has a lot to learn and I’ve compared him to some of the game’s best (and the game’s worst in Kellen Davis). But physically and mentally, he does have the potential to make this transition. It all comes down to desire and ability. We won’t know until that day comes. But it’s worth a shot.

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