Jacoby Jones Sets NFL Record With 109 Yard Kickoff Return At Super Bowl

By Riley Schmitt
Crystal LoGiudice-USA TODAY Sports

Jacoby Jones is going to be in the record books. The Baltimore Ravens kick returner took the opening kick of the second half 109 yards for a touchdown. That play set an NFL record and it may have been the dagger in Super Bowl XLVII.

There have been plays that have been 109 yards long before but this is the longest kick return in the history of the league.  It is also the longest play in postseason history.  Basically, Jones brought home plenty of records on one play and he might end up winning the MVP because of it.

If you watched the game, you would have seen a Ravens team that was absolutely dominant from the start of the game.  It ended up being not so fun if you expected a close game.  There is still plenty of time left, but the San Francisco 49ers need to come up with something fast.  They needed to stop the Ravens right away, but Jones took care of that.

Trust me, Jones has a ton of talent.  However, he has struggled to put it all together.  This season has been a lot different and Jones is becoming a dangerous guy with his kick returns and this offense.  He already had a really nice touchdown reception but this kick return was the best part of his game.  He hit the hole and was gone.  You should not be able to run that fast.

We will see if he gets the big award.  There is going to be quite the battle for it.

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