Jim Harbaugh Showing That He's A True Fighter

By John Raffel
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Win or lose, Jim Harbaugh is showing that he’s a true fighter.

The first few minutes of the second half had to be brutal for the San Francisco 49ers coach.

It appeared that Jacoby Jones single handedly was going to take away Jim Harbaugh’s quest to be an NFL Super Bowl championship coach. Jones’ 56-yard touchdown catch in the second quarter was one devastating blow for the Ravens in their push to a 21-6 lead

Then it appeared Jones put the game on ice with his 108-yard kickoff return for a 28-6 lead.

The 35-minute delay with the lights turning out at the Superdome gave Harbaugh enough time to put the fight back in his team. On the college and pro level, as a player and as a coach, Harbaugh has always shown he’s ready to put up a good fight to the wire, win or lose. He’s doing that now with 17 straight points for a 28-23 game.

That’s why Harbaugh’s decision earlier in the season to go with Colin Kaepernick at quarterback shows the fighter he is. Kaepernick has taken the game over with what he does best, passing and running to catch the Ravens off guard. The 49ers are making a game out of it and could just successfully post a remarkable comeback.

The fact that it’s 31-23 after the Baltimore Ravens got to the 49ers’ one-yard line, but had to settle for a field goal, shows the fight the San Francisco defense has. The fact that it’s 31-29 is further credit to Jim Harbaugh’s determination.

Harbaugh and his coaching staff could be criticized for not being ready to contain Jones on the kickoff. He’s shown how dangerous he can be.

But to Harbaugh’s credit, the 49ers have shown what fighters they can be, just like their coach.

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